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Integrated, streamlined, and a unified e-commerce services solution – Intrepid helps its clients manage their shops online by growing their monthly sales revenues through first-class key account management, customer experience, content creation and optimization, campaign strategy and management, digital marketing, business analytics and market consultation... and much more!

Content creation & optimization

Digital content is how all customers “touch and feel” the products they buy online.  Having exceptional digital content, especially for top-selling products, is incredibly important to drive our client’s sales revenues online.  
  • Exceptionally written digital content guaranteed to pass any qualification control process – reducing the time to get a product live and increasing its likelihood to improve sales revenues
  • Incredibly fast content duplication for our client’s products that already exist on the platform they are selling on
  • Content optimization for top-selling products every month

Business analytics

Selling online is a data-driven game!  Having the right data at the right time, and taking action on that data, drives sales revenues online.  Intrepid has developed our Dragon Tool to pull this data in real-time to ensure our KAMs are able to see trends and opportunities to manage your account.
  • Connected directly into your shop's admin panel (eg, Seller Center account)
  • Connected via API, ensuring that data is updated immediately into the Dragon Tool
  • Weekly reporting sent to our clients focused on your shop's data and performance

Shop layout & design

Your shop on Lazada represents the quality of your products and professionalism of your company.  With over 18,500 active vendors on the Lazada platform, it's incredibly important to set yourself apart from your competition.  When joining our platform, Intrepid will work closely with you to design and create a shop that truly represents your company.
  • Creating beautiful shops for our clients is about the synergy between expert graphic design, optimal tag lines, and a commercial focus on the which products to feature
  • Our design team are top graphic designers with years of experience in the industry
  • Recognized as the top shop-in-shop (SiS) design Lazada partner on Lazada.vn

Campaign management & strategy

All e-commerce platforms depend heavily on campaign performance to increase sales revenues. Planned campaigns on e-commerce platforms have an enormous impact on our client’s monthly sales performance.  Therefore, to guarantee our Key Account Managers have planned appropriately for each and every campaign, they meticulously:
  • Evaluate each of their client’s portfolios, sales histories, and top-performing products within the market
  • Bench-mark competitive pricing for each product and work with our clients to offer the most competitive price possible
  • Work closely with each e-commerce platform to push our client’s best deals
  • Track hourly sales performance during campaigns and resolve issues immediately as they arise

First-class customer experience

Client satisfaction is our #1 priority at Intrepid. Every member of our team, from our CEO to our junior staff, is dedicated to the highest level of professionalism, expertise, and results to ensure our clients receive the first-class service they expect and deserve.  Our clients are the back-bone of our future.  Therefore, Intrepid is committed to:
  • Weekly and monthly scheduled meetings with our Key Account Management team and clients to review performance, campaigns, and resolve any client issues
  • Weekly net promotor score (NPS) surveys to gain valuable insight from our clients about our performance
  • Quick and timely resolution of customer issues
Intrepid Vietnam grew Fantasy Shop from $350 to $13,000 

in just 3-months on the Intrepid platform!

The Intrepid senior management team are proven ex-Lazada co-founders, c-level executives and directors!

The success of the Intrepid Group begins with its senior management team.  The Intrepid Board consists of Christopher Beselin (founding-CEO of Lazada Vietnam), Igor Pezzilli (founding-CEO of Lazada Malaysia) and Adrien Cohen (ex-Regional Head of Electronics of Lazada Group) and driven by its founding CEOs – Khang Chim, CEO of Intrepid Vietnam (previous Sales Director, Lazada Vietnam) and Anthony “Cliff” Smith, CEO of Intrepid Philippines (previous VP Vendor Acquisition, Lazada Philippines).

  • Over 23 years e-commerce experience
  • Instrumental in building and growing the Lazada Group across Southeast Asia
  • Deep regional market and e-commerce knowledge

Intrepid supports Brands selling across all marketplace platforms and enables them to sell across Southeast Asia.

Defining a unified e-commerce strategy is the key to success for brands.  By choosing Intrepid as your preferred e-commerce services partner, you are able to work through one partner that can manage and drive your e-commerce sales revenues across every marketplace platform – ensuring that pricing and marketing strategies are consistent across each platform.

  • Unified, stream-lined brand strategy
  • Collaborative digital marketing support
  • Management across all marketplaces nationally and regionally
  • Development of high-performing, integrated Magento websites

Intrepid provides necessary key account management support that marketplace platforms do not provide to developing retailers.

With over 18,500 active vendors on the Lazada platform, Lazada only focuses on the top 5%, leaving the vast majority of sellers without the critical support they need to grow their shops online.  When joining Intrepid's Full KAM Services, your shop will be assigned a key account manager (KAM) to work directly with you to grow your sales revenues. Our KAMs: 

  • Have years of experience working at Lazada and other leading marketplaces
  • Provide vital consultation on how to grow their e-retail knowledge and online sales revenues
  • Have a deep understanding of the Vietnamese e-commerce market